• Branding

    Who are you? Let’s find out. We build brands by identifying core attributes and key differentiators. We bring that essence to life through visual identity, messaging, marketing tactics and more.

  • Copywriting

    Find your voice. Simplify your story. Alt Studios can help you connect with your audience through copy, from message maps to content creation, from taglines to tweets.

  • Design

    Your image is your first impression. We can help you make it stand out consistently. Alt Studios graphic designers have the creative vision to build out all your brand elements: colors, logos, icons, typefaces, photography and other visual standards.

  • Digital

    Bring your online presence in line with your overall marketing strategy. We have the talent and technology to help you with websites, landing pages, programming, email, e-newsletters, SEO, SEM, CMS and all the acronyms you can handle.

  • Mobile

    We make sure everything is optimized for your audience on the go. We can help with mobile advertising, responsive design, app development and more.

  • Social

    Meet the new word of mouth. We align your social side with your governing brand strategy through content marketing, editorial calendars, social advertising, promoted posts and constant monitoring.

  • Strategy

    The perfect tactic. The perfect timing. The perfect medium. Our strategy team helps find the opportunities ideal for your brand, from situational analysis to goal-setting, from media planning to results measurement.

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  • The 3 C’s of Copywriting

    Copywriting is harder than it looks. First, you’re being asked to be the voice for someone else, on a subject you’re probably still learning about. Then, in most cases, you’re asking your audience (a very busy audience!) to give up something of value – money, privacy, time, tweets, etc. Your words need to do wonders. Here are 3 simple tips for strong copy…

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  • One...More...Episode: Our Netflix Binges

    It’s cold. It’s snowy (kind of). We’ve already seen all the Oscar nominees. That means it’s time to fire up the TV and claim our favorite spot on the couch. That’s right, we’ve turned to Netflix marathons, and no, we are not ashamed. From cartoon trolls to documentaries, here are the binge watches we’ve been into lately.

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  • Celebrate Your Gifts This Holiday Season

    We all know the story: Rudolph was mocked for being different, seen as an outsider and excluded from the reindeer games. But what made him unique also made him a hero. His brilliant red nose helped save Christmas.

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