Copywriting is harder than it looks. First, you’re being asked to be the voice for someone else, on a subject you’re probably still learning about. Then, in most cases, you’re asking your audience (a very busy audience!) to give up something of value – money, privacy, time, tweets, etc. Your words need to do wonders. Here are 3 simple tips for strong copy…

3 C's of Copywriting Graphic

1. Make it clear.

First and foremost, get to the point. Your client is going to throw a thousand features and benefits your way. They’re going to want to include their history. Your job is to strip away the unnecessary. (“Confusion” is NOT one of the 3 C’s of copywriting.) Figure out the goal of every piece or page, and stick to the plan. Try to keep each message focused for that medium.

2. Make it compelling.

Getting to the point doesn’t mean your copy has to be boring. Being a great storyteller requires more than a good story. It requires a bit of presentation, a flair for the dramatic. Your copy should pull people in with only a glance. It may be an irresistible offer. It may be saying it in a way that’s unexpected.

3. Make it conversational.

Know your audience. Observe them. Use their language. Be friendly. You are talking to human beings, after all. It may seem one-sided, but every marketing message is the start of a two-way dialogue. The way they reply? They respond to your call-to-action – they used your hashtag, they visited your webpage, they bought your widget.

Those are my 3 C’s of copywriting, but there are plenty of other options for consideration. Here are some C’s that didn’t make the cut:

  • Creative
  • Crafty
  • Compassionate
  • Caffeine
  • Copy (and paste)

Use these 3 key C’s as a measurement of your messaging. Clear, compelling, conversational copy will help ensure that your words are getting read, and that you’re getting noticed.

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