We all know the story: Rudolph was mocked for being different, seen as an outsider and excluded from the reindeer games. But what made him unique also made him a hero. His brilliant red nose helped save Christmas.

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Everyone has a gift – whether it’s a way with words, an ability to crunch the numbers or a notebook full of doodles. Here are a few examples of our “special somethings” that shine bright when given the chance.

Jason – His gift: Cheese. Jason is always bringing in experimental cheeses for us to try, including several varieties from his native Vermont.

Corey – His gift: Left-handed layups. Sometimes you have to try something outside your comfort zone. Corey knows how to zag when people expect you to zig.

Shaun – His gift: Movie buff. Can’t remember what movie that quote was from? Shaun’s your guy.

Dave – His gift: Biking. Dave takes the world by two wheels.

Jeff – His gift: Wine connoisseur. White or red? Merlot or Malbec? Jeff has a recommendation for any situation. 

Kristin – Her gift: Stealth. An important trait for someone in HR.

Reese – His gift: Illustration. You’ll find Reese spending his spare moments working on his sketches, whether it’s on a notepad or iPad.

Katie – Her gift: Motivation. Katie teaches fitness classes after work, but brings that same fierce attitude to the office every day.

Dawn – Her gift: Human thermometer. Is it cold in here? Dawn is always the first one to detect a draft in the office.

Bridget – Her gift: Celebrity gossip. Who’s dating who? Bridget will get you the scoop.

Sean – His gift: Star Wars trivia. Sean is one with the force. (He was also once suspended from Wookiepidia.)

Linda - Her gift: Green thumb. Linda takes care of the plants in the office when Katie tries to kill them by giving them too much water.

Do you have a special gift? Share it with us! Leave a comment below.

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