We all have things we can’t live without. Sure, oxygen, food and water are important – but what about your lucky lip gloss? Or your favorite red stapler? These are the little things that make life easier. We went around and snooped inside our coworkers’ desks to see what they have hiding away that helps them make it through the day.

Whats In My Desk Open Graphic

Can you guess which desk drawer goes with which employee? (See below for the answers.)

Desk Drawer 1

1. Tums, Advil, Band-Aids, glasses, tape, batteries, paper clips

Desk Drawer 2

2. Advil, eye drops, sunglasses, Mio, toothpaste, other desk essentials

Desk Drawer 3

3. Hotdog roller and beer

Desk Drawer 5

4. Granola, Quest bar, nutritional yeast, tea, gum, Skittles (this person must like to eat!)

Desk Drawer 5

5. Doctor Who figurine, football, maple syrup, Iowa State tickets (and do I see a mini bottle of Jameson?)

Desk Drawer 6

6. Think Thin bars, tea, mints, flash drives, Mio, a filer, work essentials

Desk Drawer 7

7. Wallet, WD-40, work essentials (what a minimalist :|)

Desk Drawer 8

8. Back to the Future toys, energy drink, mug, headphones

  1. Jeff – Art Director
  2. Reese – Designer
  3. Corey – Creative Director
  4. Katie – Strategist
  5. Sean – Director of Digital Services
  6. Linda – Executive Director
  7. Shaun – Account Manager
  8. Jason – Programmer

What’s in your “bag?”

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