Federal Home Loan Bank of Des Moines website

Share passions. Rally people. That's how brands can connect with audiences on a very real, very personal level. When you live and breathe the same causes as your customers, you create relationships that live outside the transaction or service experience.

For Federal Home Loan Bank of Des Moines, that meant building an action center website to help educate, empower and inspire advocates for home financing legislation. Alt Studios developed FHLBank's new Strengthening Communities Together website is part public policy and part community building.

The website houses the initiative's legislative news, factsheets and tools. It also helps promote Federal Home Loan Bank's overarching mission to provide access to affordable financing. While loaded with valuable materials for visitors, content is still extremely easy to manage by users with little training.

  • Increased exposure to the cause. Guests can see the importance of the Federal Home Loan Bank program. Members can download and share even more impactful tools available behind a password-protected area.
  • Increased membership by making sign-up easier. The membership application and approval process are now all online.
  • Made a relevant, reliable source for all things FHLB. Content is easily updatable by the client, including blog, news, events, social media feed and online newsletters.
  • Generated goodwill. The site showcases a number of community involvement examples – big and small – made possible by FHLB.
Federal Home Loan Bank of Des Moines website